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Top 20 Questions to Ask the Venue Manager

Vetting the Vendors

Get the wedding vendors that are right for you

  • Top 20 Questions to Ask the Venue Manager
  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Florist
  • How to Choose a Wedding DJ
  • More vendor infomation

closeup of hors d'oeuvres on white tray

10 Trends in Wedding Food

Surprise your guests with the latest wedding food trends

When considering a trendier food option, think about your taste preferences, your guests' taste preferences

Applying eyeshadow

Find a Hairstylist and Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Leave your hair and makeup to a professional on your wedding day

Hair and makeup is as important to your wedding day look as the bridal gown.... Read More

  • Bridal Hair & Makeup Video
  • Wedding Day Makeup Tips Video
  • Zits Happen: Avoid Wedding Day Breakouts
  • See all guides and videos »
Wedding date

Engaged? What's Next

Set a plan and get ready to wed!

  • You're Engaged: Five Things to Do First
  • In-Depth Wedding Checklist
  • Setting Up a Wedding Budget
  • Keeping Your Guest List Organized


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Planning Reminder:

Closeup of wedding dresses on hangers

Get that bridal gown

Set up an appointment with a bridal shop, then snag a friend or family member when it's time to don some dresses. Keep jewelry and makeup to a minimum when you go gown shopping -- you don’t want anything to catch or smear on those beautiful dresses.

View your wedding checklist!


Wedding Glossary


A band with many tiny stones embedded in it, typically set around a larger diamond.

View the Full Weddings Glossary